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As part of a gas compressor upgrade scope - JMB Technical undertook a detailed analysis of the existing gas compressor prime movers.

In order to confirm that the existing motors would be suitable for use with the new gas compressors - despite no curves of the motors characteristics being available, JMB Technical undertook a first principles level study to determine how the motors would behave at a new operating set point.

JMB Technical were able to find the motor equivalent circuit diagram figures and from this derived the graphs shown in the animation on this page.

JMB Technical were able to determine that the motor had sufficient torque to accelerate the compressor up to its operational speed, sufficient cooling to confirm that at a higher load set point sufficient cooling was available as well as conduct a review of the existing protection settings to confirm that no 11kV cubicle modifications were required.

If you have a complex electrical engineering problem like this or any other, JMB Technical can provide the cost effective solutions you need.

Compressor Motor Analysis: Project
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