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Lightning Protection: Project


JMB Technical also have the capability design and assess lightning protection of an existing or new build structure.

JMB Technical were tasked to review the lightning protection of an existing structure that was to be re-tasked into a UHF antenna tower.

The initial review of the existing lightning protection determined that due to the addition of the new UHF Yagi antenna a revised lightning protection solution was required.  

JMB Technical reviewed other options such as lengthening or offsetting the lightning conductor - before determining that two smaller lightning conductors would provide the optimal protection under the BS EN 62305 rolling sphere method.

Watch the video and see what we can do and how we do it.  The area within the sphere (to the right of the image - bounded by the blue sphere) is at risk of being struck by lightning.  The area to the left of the sphere is protected under BS EN 62305 level 4 rolling sphere method.

If you have a tall structure with sensitive equipment installed, talk to JMB Technical who will be able to advise on the most cost effective way to minimise your equipment's chance of being struck by lightning.

Lightning Protection: Text
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