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JMB Technical have a completely in-house designed, built and tested quickshifter.

This quickshifter is the perfect accompaniment to any track-bike or kit-car (as used across BSB, MotoGP, the Isle of Man TT etc), allowing full throttle upshifts with no need to use the clutch.  This quickshifter uses a custom made (in-house) load cell allowing for full throttle up-shifts on any motorbike or any car using a sequential dog-box.

As this is a completely in-house designed and built item we can modify the quickshifter in anyway required.

We have previously built quickshifters with displacement based switches (as opposed to force sensitive load cell),  standard, long or short ignition kill times, hall effect magnetic switched variants as well as variants for inductive and capacitive ignition systems.

Interested?  Contact us! 

We cant promise better laptimes, but we can promise a smile on your face, seamlessly shifting up through the gears while maintaining full throttle.

Load Cell Based Motorbike Quickshifter: Project
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