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Modern switchgear comes with distinct control functionality and monitoring functionality not possible with the legacy generations of switchgear.

These control and monitoring functions are very often realised by utilising serial communications, allowing direct communication with the modern generations of ICSS/DCS/PCS straight to the switchboard intelligent cubicle.

From the switchboard to the operators control console, a seamless link can be created with unrivalled functionality and information able to be brought to the an operator console within seconds.

Other benefits include the ability to install and use passive monitoring of asset equipment with the modern generation of Plant Information Management Systems.  From monitoring of process critical equipment run-time to trips of safety critical equipment. 

Here at JMB Technical we have acted as the key engineering consultant responsible for two very exciting projects involving two CMAC's.

Firstly a new switchboard with associated new communications node to interface with an extensive existing control network and secondly with the replacement of a first generation switchboard serial control system with a new up to date system.

In both cases, JMB Technical was able to supply a highly experienced engineer who was embedded within the team.  The JMB Technical engineer managed the vendor interface scope, ensuring that what was on the platform and what the client wanted was perfectly joined in the form of a robustly engineered serial control system. 

Needless to say, this requires a very high degree of understanding of the vendor systems coupled with an in depth knowledge of what the plant asset has and what the plant asset needs.

If you need a new switchboard with full serial control, a new node on a swichboard serial control system or even a whole replacement serial control system - JMB Technical are the specialist electrical engineers who can link your assets needs to the switchboard serial control vendors finished installed system.

New & Replacement CMAC Scopes: Projects
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