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One of JMB Technical partners includes a specialist transformer and motor testing vendor. 

One recent job involved testing a transformer that was built from spares held between the manufacturer and the operator, providing a cost effective way to restore one of the feeders to an emergency switchboard offshore.

The transformer performed adequately onshore during the initial post-build testing, but due to its age and highly critical nature, it was requested by the operator that the transformer was re-tested after shipping and installation offshore.

JMB Technical and partner mobilised to test and commission this 'new old stock' hybrid 13.8 kV / 460V 2500 kVA transformer. 

Tests completed included winding ratio checks, excitation current measurement, leakage reactance, short circuit impedance, phasing checks, tan delta (dissipation factor) measurement as well as core de-magnetisation prior to energisation to minimise the chances of inrush current causing the transformer to trip any upstream protective devices.

If you have a transformer or motor and would like to understand the electrical health of the asset contact JMB Technical. 

We can mobilise and provide a comprehensive report detailing the health of the equipment at that instant as well as future ongoing checks to determine if a degradation in electrical health is becoming apparent.  

Transformer Testing and Commissioning: Project
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