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JMB Technical don't only provide new and custom built automotive electronics - we can also test your existing electronics.

The Triumph Spitfire car uses a non-typical 10V supply to the fuel gauge and temperature gauge in the car.  The quality and accuracy of this 10V supply is important as if the supply moves from the 10V design point, the reading on the gauge changes.

The customer believed that the voltage regulator may have been faulty - JMB Technical were able to inspect and test the part to in-fact discover that the part was ok and determine that the fault was in fact poor quality earthing - in doing so the customer was saved the expense of another voltage regulator as well as discovering that once the earthing was fixed a selection of 'other issues' disappeared also.

If you have any vehicle electronic or electrical issues you need a hand with please get in contact.

Triumph Spitfire Voltage Regulator: Project
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