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Uninterruptable Power Supplies (UPS) are the backbone of safety critical equipment the world over.

Most UPS were originally designed and specified to support inductive loads at a typical power factor of 0.8 to 0.9 lagging (inductive).

Following a capacity review of an existing UPS, JMB Technical discovered that the existing UPS was loaded (due to modern PAGA system and modern SCADA system) with a leading (capacitive) load.  

With the expertise available at JMB Technical, we understood that this can pose a problem as the UPS will be operating too far away from its original design set point.  On paper the load may only be half of the available kVA or kW from the UPS nameplate - but - in practice the available headroom might instead lead to the UPS being unable to supply the load and in the worst case, trip.

JMB Technical have not only developed in-house analysis methods to determine the maximum available S, P and Q available for any given UPS with any given load - but have also a solution for any UPS loaded outwith its design set points.

UPS errors, trips, overloads and warning lights despite no obvious cause?  Don't buy a new UPS - ask JMB Technical to investigate first. 

UPS leading power factor diagnosis, analysis and correction: Project
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